A picture is worth a thousand words - 50 point value

There are monuments to US History all over the country and they represent key moments or people at their height and what try to say about the event or how they felt or they are simply uniquely "AMERICAN"

1 - choose 20 objects that represent America throughout history
(ie the White House, Washington Monument etc)
2 - Select two images
the first should be a historical image or illustration showing the object either at its height or under construction
the second should show the object as it appears today
3 - Place the two images in a keynote slide
4 - write a 4 sentence summary of the object
  • what is it
  • when was it built (year or constructed from - to for multi year objects)
  • why was it built
  • what is its importance or significance today

Your presentation should have a title slide with your name and class period on it
be sure to use quality images
email link or presentation to Mr. lewis when completed